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Freight and aging calculation
Logistics query
Top 1 post advantages of cross-border consolidation
Safe and professional Taobao collection service

Since its establishment, it has served customers from all over Malaysia to transfer from China

Fast delivery and preferential shipping

Established a number of air and ocean dedicated lines throughout Malaysia, and established long-term cooperative relations with J&T, GDES, ABX, BEST, JANIO

Safe and convenient online payment method

Provides a variety of safe and fast payment methods, such as: Alipay, Wechatpay

Enjoy the way to save money when shopping in China

Supports such as Taobao, Tmall, JD, etc., not enough for users to realize the money-saving journey of online shopping in China

About Top 1 post cross-border consolidation
Nearly 5000 square meters of logistics operation field
100,000 parcels processed daily
All-Malaysia Air Transport Reachability
Sabah, Sarawak and most other regions
Modern warehouse solutions
Automation of signing, weighing, warehousing, etc.
All-Malaysia Express Cooperative Service Provider
Computer, mobile phone multi-platform
Computer, mobile phone to process orders anytime, anywhere
WeChat, email reminder
Reminders for the entire process of arrival, delivery, payment, and logistics
Fully automated warehouse logistics
The entire follow-up process of parcel delivery can be traced
Full-Malaysia Delivery Ability
Possess strong parcel processing and global delivery capabilities
Four Steps to Learn Chinese Taobao Consolidation Malaysia
1. Register to view the address
Obtain the delivery address of the domestic transshipment warehouse
2. Send the package to the warehouse
Parcel receipt, weighing, and storage in domestic warehouse
3. Mailing address in Malaysia
Overseas shipping address, submit the forwarded bill of lading
4. Parcel forwarding to Malaysia
Malaysia customs clearance, delivery, confirmation of receipt