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How to cross-border consolidation

registered member

Log in to the website: www.top1post.com. Enter the 'Registration' page; complete the registration.

Add warehouse address

Log in to the website and enter the 'Member Center' page; find your exclusive delivery address, and use this address as the delivery address for your online purchases in the future.

For example, Taobao customers can go to Taobao's account management, click on the delivery address, copy and add our delivery address and default to your delivery address on Taobao.

Copy the courier number

Go to the purchased baby on Taobao, click on the product to view logistics, and copy the courier number.

Fill in the package information

Go to the cargo registration page of [Member Center] and fill in the package information. After filling in, click save.

Submit waybill

Apply for packing in [Member Center], and check the package list. Tick (√) to select the package to be mailed.

Fill in the waybill information

Fill in the delivery address for mailing to Malaysia, select the shipping channel, and finally click submit the waybill.

Payment and shipment

After the waybill is submitted, we will pack your parcel. An email will be notified when the packing is completed. Please check the email.

On the payment and delivery page of [Member Center], please check your cargo information again here. Submit after confirmation.

Ready to sign for the package

After the goods are shipped, you can check the status of the courier in the delivery record.