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Service and terms

Please read this agreement carefully. The following terms and conditions apply when using the company's website or mobile applications and products and services. You agree to accept these terms and conditions ('Agreement') during your visit to the company's website, use of services, purchase of products, and use of mobile applications. In addition, you confirm that all the information provided to the company is accurate and up-to-date. If there is any change in the information you provide to the company, you will immediately notify the company. You agree that the company may use your information in accordance with the privacy policy of this agreement. In addition, you guarantee that you have the legal right to use the company's services on your own behalf or on behalf of the beneficiaries of the services.
Number One Consolidation will formulate and modify the terms and conditions from time to time without specifically notifying you. If there are any changes to these terms and components, Number One Consolidation will publish an announcement on the website, and the changes will take effect immediately after it is released and become the terms of this clause. Part. If you continue to use any of the services of No. 1 Consolidation, it will mean that you have accepted the revised terms and conditions. In the event of a dispute or dispute, the latest service agreement shall prevail.

1.The No. 1 Consolidation and Freight Forwarding Center will never sign for any goods in the form of collect.

2.The No. 1 Consolidation and Freight Forwarding Center will never sign any goods that are sent by surface mail without inspection or tracking certificates.

3.The number one freight forwarding center only accepts and processes goods, and there is only one customer's goods in one waybill number issued by a store.

4.If the following situations occur, which lead to any loss, missed delivery or change in transportation charges, the No. 1 Consolidation Freight Forwarding Center will not be responsible.

Situation 1: The seller issues a waybill number, but there are two or more customers’ goods in the package, and some customers fail to claim other goods

The customer must contact the seller to make sure that the seller’s waybill number is only for the customer’s goods.

Situation 2: (Customer purchases two or more goods) The seller only provides one waybill number to the customer, but in fact the seller separates the customer's goods into two or more waybill numbers to issue, and the customer fails to claim other goods.

The customer is responsible for contacting the seller to obtain other correct waybill numbers for claiming.

Case 3: If the seller provides the wrong waybill number.

The customer is responsible for contacting the seller to obtain the correct waybill number for claim.

5.Since it takes time to enter cargo data, it is recommended that customers log in to the website to claim the cargo one working day after the cargo arrives at the No. 1 Consolidation Freight Forwarding Center.

6.Precautions for storage arrangements at domestic logistics transfer stations: Customers must claim and arrange delivery within six months from the day the goods are delivered to the number one forwarder center; otherwise, the store will destroy the overdue goods after six months.

7.If the first weight or the additional weight is less than 1 kilogram (KG), it will be calculated as 1 kilogram (KG).

*** 例1:The total weight of all goods is 0.99 kg (KG), and the order will be calculated as 1 kg (KG).***

*** 例2:The total weight of all goods is 1.01 kilograms (KG), and the order will be calculated as 2 kilograms (KG).***

8.The actual weight and volume weight of the cargo shall be calculated by the top freight forwarding center.

9.There are no restrictions on combined express tracking numbers.

10.Once the order is confirmed (regardless of whether it is under review or processing), it will not be provided to cancel the order, add goods to the order, or change to other logistics services.

11.The receiving time of the top freight forwarding center is 10:30am to 10:30pm every day, and the order cut-off time for each service: 4pm (time permitting will be delayed appropriately).

12.If the customer's order requests to be cancelled after the payment is successful, the company will not arrange a refund.

13.The company accepts partial freight collect.

14.If the address provided is in a non-commercial area or a remote area, and the customer has not paid the surcharge, the company reserves the right not to ship the goods.

15.All the goods received by No. 1 Consolidation will be regarded as Malaysia in the end. If the customer needs to forward or return the goods most, and the destination is not Malaysia, the calculation method (RMB) is as follows.

(Warehouse rent 10 yuan X storage day) + (freight (reported separately) X weight) = transshipment costs.

*If there is any objection to the freight, No. 1 Consolidation Freight Forwarding Center reserves the right of final judgment.