Ocean Freight


The weight calculation methods for ocean freight (Parcels) are “actual weight” and “volumetric weight” respectively, with the heavier one being considered.

The volumetric weight is calculated as “(Length*Height*Width) CM/6000“ after packaging. If you don't know yet, please check the details.

For cargo weighing more than 30KG, it is recommended to adopt the ocean freight (Heavy Cargo) channel to deliver the cargo for less freight.

It is recommended that fragile goods require inspection services and reinforced packaging before shipment. The transporter is not responsible for any breakage problems.

For valuables, it is recommended to contact customer service to inquire about insurance services. Click to view details.


Goods such as cosmetics, beverages, food, perfume, nutrition/health products, ceramics, toilets, floor tiles, and marble, if it is a small quantity, the general cargo channel is recommended.

Goods containing a large amount of ceramics, toilets, marble, pesticides, food, beverages, and alcohol requires consulting with customer service.

Goods such as ATVs, electrocars, motor vehicles, claw machines, and large game consoles require consulting with customer service.

The sensitive cargo channel is recommended for sex toys, a large number of sex toys require consulting with customer service.

If you do not know whether the quantity of goods exceeds the standard, please consult customer service to ensure that you do not encounter any problems during customs clearance.

The first 0.1 cubic meter of ocean freight (Heavy Cargo) must be within 17 kilograms, and each continued 0.1 cubic meter can bear 50 kilograms, and 1 cubic meter can bear 500 kilograms. If the weight limit is exceeded, please contact customer service.

Ocean freight (Heavy Cargo) does not include delivery upstairs, especially for apartments. If you need to deliver the cargo upstairs, you need to contact customer service additionally. Unloading tools and laborers should be prepared by the customers themselves for heavy cargo.

A few areas such as Kelantan, Terengganu, and Perlis are remote areas, and transportation will be slower for a few days.

Each package will enjoy free warehousing service for up to 90 days. After the deadline, RMB 2/DAYS will be charged.