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Maritime matters

Precautions for sea parcels

The method of calculating the weight of sea parcels is 'actual weight' and 'volume weight', and the heavier is fixed.

Volume weight is the weight of 'Length x Height x Width/6000' after the product is packaged. Please refer to the details if you don't know it yet.

Goods weighing more than 30KG are recommended to be shipped through shipping channels to be cost-effective.

Fragile goods are recommended to require inspection services and reinforced packaging before shipment. The transporter is not responsible for any broken issues.

For valuables, it is recommended to contact customer service for insurance services, click for details.

Precautions for shipping bulk cargo

Cosmetics, beverages, food, perfumes, nutrition/health products, ceramics, toilets, floor tiles, marbles, if small amounts can use general goods channels.

A large number (ceramics, toilets, marbles, pesticides, food, beverages, alcohol) need to consult customer service separately.

ATV, electric car, motor vehicle, claw machine, large game machine need to consult customer service separately.

Sensitive channels are recommended for sex toys, and a large number of sex toys need to consult customer service.

If you do not know whether the quantity of the goods exceeds the standard, please consult the customer service to ensure that you do not encounter any problems during customs clearance.

The first 0.1 cubic meter of seaborne bulk cargo must be within 17 kilograms, and every 0.1 cubic meter can carry 50 kilograms, and 1 cubic meter can carry 500 kilograms. If you exceed the weight limit, please contact customer service.

Shipping bulk cargo does not include delivery upstairs, especially for apartments. If you need to deliver upstairs, please contact customer service. Large cargo needs to bring their own loading tools and manpower.

(Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis) and other small areas are remote areas, and transportation will be slow for a few more days.

Each package will enjoy free warehousing service for up to 90 days, and RMB 2 per day will be charged after the deadline.