Air Freight

The weight calculation methods for air freight are 'actual weight' and 'volumetric weight' respectively, with the heavier one being considered.

The volumetric weight is calculated as '(Length*Height*Width) CM/6000' after packaging. If you don't know yet, please check the details.

Free In is calculated based on 'actual weight' only, while Half In is calculated as “(actual weight+volumetric weight)/2”.

Explosives, animals, smoke, combustibles, munitions, and oil-based e-cigarettes are all contraband for air freight.

It is recommended that fragile goods require inspection services and reinforced packaging before shipment. The transporter is not responsible for any breakage problems.

Each package will enjoy free warehousing service for up to 90 days. After the deadline, RMB 2/DAYS will be charged.

For valuables, it is recommended to contact customer service to inquire about insurance services. Click to view details.