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Consolidation knowledge

Consolidation means that after overseas Chinese purchase goods in domestic online shopping malls, they send the goods to the collection warehouse of the consolidation company. After receiving the goods, the consolidation company scans the code, weighs the goods, calculates the transportation price and stores them, and the customer applies for consolidation. After payment, the shipping company will package one or more pieces of goods to be sent to the same destination according to the customer's requirements, and send them to the destination designated by the customer at one time.

The tenet of the number one cross-border consolidation service: We are committed to providing every customer with express logistics solutions, economical, convenient and fast, clean quality packaging, information tracking, and safe delivery.

Features of the number one cross-border consolidation: storage-packaging-shipping-customs clearance-delivery-one-stop service, full tracking.

The number one cross-border consolidation advantage: stable channels, affordable, fast, compensation for lost packages, guaranteed after-sales, one-to-one professional customer service, and follow-up throughout the process.

The number one cross-border container transportation system has large warehouses, intelligent equipment and other system management to ensure the safety of your goods and provide you with one-stop transportation services, so that you can easily shop online without leaving your home!